Hi there!

Let's see, where do I start?

My name is Natalia Lopez and I am from Cali, Colombia. You know, Cali es Cali lo demas es Loma! I moved to the United States as a teenager and lived in Las Vegas, babyyy! I am a spontaneous and adventurous city girl. I am extremely passionate and determined about photography and I want to capture that in every shoot.

I am currently earning my BA in Photography and Business at Brigham Young University - Idaho. This journey started a few years ago when I took a Black and White Photography class, it changed everything! Here I am years later with the same love and passion for what I do!

Things I love!

  • Family - they mean the world to me, no matter where they are!
  • Dancing - music is in my veins and I can't control it.
  • Traveling - I thrive off of seeing new places and experiencing new cultures!
  • Adventure - if jumping off a plane doesn't tell you much, I don't know what will

"Make your life an adventure and love it"

-Natalia Lopez